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Maria Ivonne Rivera


Maria Ivonne Rivera, MPH, has more than 15 years of experience in qualitative research design, development, training and implementation and has worked extensively with the Latino community in the Washington metropolitan area in the areas of outreach, health education and evaluation.

Maria Ivonne’s consulting practice focuses on providing services to organizations in the design and development of focus groups and key respondent interviews, intercept interviews, dyads and triads, and cognitive testing interviews. Her research engagements have included explorations of respondent preferences regarding consumer products, retail sales, respondent media preferences, barriers to decision-making, sectoral employment practices, political campaign messages, testing publications and audiovisual informational materials, traffic accident issues, health program evaluations, media campaign message evaluations, assessments of health risk factors in high-risk populations, barriers to health care decision-making, and health screening practices. Maria Ivonne holds a master’s in public health from The George Washington University and is an active member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association. She also serves on the board for Health Services for Children With Special Needs, Inc.