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Certified Nursing Assistant

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Service Area:
The HSC Pediatric Center

Job Requirements

Shift: 11:30p-7:30a


The certified nursing assistant is responsible for providing residents with routine daily nursing care in accordance with established nursing care procedures, scope of practice, regulatory guidelines, residents’ person-centered care plan, and other tasks as directed by your supervisor.       


Essential job duties:      

1. Administrative Functions: • Document in the computerized medical records system the activities of daily living (ADLs). • Use the arm-band before providing care and services. • Report all accidents and incidents you observe on the shift as they occur to charge nurse/supervisor. • Report allegations of abuse/neglect to charge nurse/supervisor/DON • Report changes in the resident’s condition to the charge nurse/supervisor. • Participates in Quality Assurance Performance Improvement activities as assigned.      

2. Admission, Transfer, and discharge functions: • Ensure resident’s room is ready for receiving the resident (1.e. bed made, admission kit available, call bell in place and functioning, fresh water at the bedside and etc.) • Greet resident by name and escort resident to his/her room. • Introduce resident to his/her roommate and other staff such as the charge nurse. • Make resident comfortable (i.e. put to bed, change clothing, orient to room nursing unit, the call light system and TV. • Inventory and mark the personal possession according to procedure. Obtain signatures from family member. • Store resident’s clothing neatly in closet and drawers. • Assist resident with packing their personal possession when they are being transferred to a new room, or when discharged. • Transport resident to new room or to receiving area and introduce to nursing staff. • Assist resident with loading or unloading and settling into new room.     

3. Personal Nursing Functions: • Participate and receive report upon start of the shift. • Assess each resident at the start of the shift. • Assist other staff with providing necessary care to residents such as changing, toileting or transferring as needed. • Assist resident with bath functions, (i.e. bed bath or shower etc.) according to schedule and resident’s preference and need. • Assess skin condition daily during provision of care. • Assist resident with daily dental and mouth care (i.e. brushing teeth, oral hygiene, and special mouth care). • Assist resident with dressing and undressing. • Assist resident with hair care functions. • Assist resident with nail care (i.e. clipping, trimming, and cleaning the finger). • Keep resident dry by changing clothing or linen when it becomes wet or soiled. • Make bed occupied or unoccupied. • Position bedfast resident in correct and comfortable position in accordance with need and schedule. • Change bed linens. Keep linens tight to avoid wrinkles forming under the residents • Put extra covers on bed as requested and needed. • Assist resident with bowel and bladder functions (i.e. take to the bathroom, offer bed pan/ urinal, commode). • Document meal percentages. • Document bowel movements and character of stools. • Assist nurse in caring for ventilator dependent residents. • Assist resident in preparing for activity, and social programs • Assist residents in preparing for medical test (i.e. x-ray, therapy, Cat scan, etc.) • Follow established Infection Control and OSHA policies concerning exposure to infection and blood/body fluids. • Report any incident of falling, bruising, lacerations and other skin integrity alterations to charge nurse/supervisor. • Assist in transporting residents to/from appointments, activity and social programs. • Assist with lifting, turning, moving, positioning and transporting resident in and out of bed, chair, and wheelchair. Use proper body mechanics, durable equipment, and staff support. • Answer resident’s call lights promptly. • Assist resident to walk with or without self-help devices as instructed by therapists or charge nurse. • Perform restorative and rehabilitative procedures as instructed (e.g. room ambulation, put on other devices, therapeutic exercises). • Inform charge nurse/supervisor of any changes in the resident’s condition. • Measure and record temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, weight, height and pain as instructed and in accordance with policy guidelines. • Assist in preparing the resident for a physical examination. • Provide comfort care to a dying resident. • Provide A.M. and P. M. care which minimally consist of washing hands and face, mouth care including brushing teeth, combing hair and perineal care. • Check resident routinely to assume that his/her personal care needs are met. • Perform assigned cleaning duties such as pantry, utility storage areas, and refrigerators according to schedule. • Prepare residents for meals (i.e. take to bathroom, wash hands, comb hair, raise bed, position tables, take to/from dining room, etc.) • Serve food trays. Assist with feeding as indicated (i.e. cutting food, preparing breads, opening, cartons, and condiment packages, assist dining room supervision.     

4. Special Nursing Care Functions: • Observe and report the presence of areas and skin breakdown to prevent pressure ulcers to charge nurses/supervisor. • Turn bedfast residents at least every two hours. • Perform active/passive ROM to specified joints. • Provide physical and respiratory therapies as instructed e.g. maintenance ambulation, cough and deep breathing exercises. • Observe disoriented, comatose, agitated residents. Record and report observations as instructed e.g. Neuro Checks, vital signs. • Watch for and report all changes in room temperature, ventilation, lighting noise levels. • Turn in medications found in the resident room or possession to the charge nurse. • Ensure that the ADL documentation is completed. • Participate in resident’s care plan meetings in accordance with policy and regulatory requirements.     

5. Personnel Function: • Follow work assignments, and, or work schedules in completing and performing your assigned tasks. • Perform all assigned tasks in accordance with established policies and procedures, and as instructed by the charge nurse and supervisors. • Notify the facility when you will be late or absent from work in accordance with facility policy. • Swipe in and out of the time clock system in accordance with facility policy. • Report all complaints and grievances by the resident to the charge nurse/supervisor. • Cooperate with personnel from other departments to meet the resident’s needs. • Work cooperatively with charge nurses/nursing supervisors and other care providers to maintain the health, safety, and well-being of the residents and families. • Participate in rehabilitative and restorative therapy. • Create and maintain an atmosphere of warmth and calm environment. • Attend scheduled nursing/management meetings on a regular basis to assist in identifying and correcting problem areas, and/or the improvement of services. • Attend and participate in scheduled training, educational classes, orientation programs and activities.     

6. Resident Rights: • Maintain the confidentiality of all resident care information. • Ensure that all nursing care is provided in privacy. • Knock before entering the resident room at all times. • Report all grievances and complaints made by the resident/family to the charge nurse/nursing supervisor. • Address each resident by preferred name. • Acknowledge the resident right to be free of verbal, mental, sexual or physical abuse and involuntary seclusion. • Explain to the resident each activity to be undertaken prior to the activity. • Be an advocate for the resident. Greet friends and family, direct their concerns to charge nurse/supervisor. • Encourage resident participation in care activities and making choices. • Dress each resident to enhance individual’s self-esteem their preference, age, and life style. • Encourage resident participation in care and selection of clothing activities. • Resident/family has the right to report problems with staff without retaliation. • Answer all call lights promptly and assist resident as needed and requested by family or other staff members. • Resident has the right to keep his/her personal belongings. When a resident expresses concern that he/she is missing personal property, report it to the charge nurse/nursing supervisor. • The resident will be treated in a manner which maintains and enhances his/her dignity.         

Other job duties:     

1. May perform other duties in addition to those outlined in this job description.     


Required Experience:   

1 year of experience (preferred) working with children with special needs and young adults (preferred).      


CPR certification     

Must have a DC CNA certification       

Required Education:   

High School Diploma or GED certificate 

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