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Cook, PRN

Post Date:
Service Area:
The HSC Pediatric Center
Hours May Vary

Job Requirements

This position provides quality food preparation, meal and customer service to patients, staff, and visitors to the HSC Pediatric Center. Follows standard practices and procedures in compliance with regulatory agency requirements and department policies. This position is also cross-trained and responsible for some Nutrition Aide job duties.  

This is a PRN opportunity. You will be required to work the following shifts: 5:30a-2:00p / 6:00a-2:30p / 8:00a-4:30p; occasional holidays & weekends



Essential job duties: 

1. Complies with attendance and punctuality standards Maintains prompt and consistent attendance for work, meetings and all other obligations. 

2. Complies with all HIPPA regulations, HSC polices and all other federal and state laws relating to privacy and confidentiality. 

3. Regularly displays a commitment to excellence, quality, safety and customer service. Strive to continually improve. 

4. Maintains a positive attitude and displays patience in dealing with customers and staff. 

5. Makes a positive impression on those served by maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor. Follows the HSC dress code. 

6. Personally complies with the organization’s legal and ethical, reporting and compliance standards and its Code of Conduct. 

7. Provides patients/members/family, customers, visitors, co-workers and others with courteous, informative and helpful service. Works to exceed customer expectations.  

8. Checks daily production sheet service summary reports and standardized recipes to verify that all figures are correct and to organize work. 

9. Adheres to portion controls as dictated in standardized recipes. 

10. Observes and tests food being cooked by tasting, smelling, piercing with fork and/or thermometers to determine that it is cooked according to standard recipe. 

11. Is responsible for proper food temperatures maintenance to avoid food contamination and food-borne illness.  

12. Set up assigned work area. 

13. Maintain cleanliness of service area. 

14. Works on the frontline serving and preparing made to order food items. 

15. Serves hot and cold food to the staff, patients, families and visitors. 

16. Mix, label and deliver formula preparations with strict adherence to specifications and safety/sanitation procedures at all times.  

17. Performs with food preparation and production duties which will or may include grilling, baking, broiling, roasting, steaming, boiling or frying meats, vegetables, breads and other food or menu items. 

18. Works on trayline following patient’s diet card, production sheets and other pertinent patient and production information, placing corresponding utensils and food items in the designated places on the individual’s trays 100% of the time. 

19. Assembles, measures, weighs, apportions and garnishes cold and hot food items such as main entrees, vegetables, salads, desserts, and beverages for use on the patient tray assembly line. 

20. Accurately records production records.  

21. Records the amounts prepared on reports. 

22. Keeps food preparation areas neat, clean and sanitized; removes trash and empties packages and cartons as needed. Does in depth cleaning on specific equipment on a scheduled basis. 

23. Records leftover items and waste on service summary reports. 

24. Checks to see that foods are kept properly refrigerated or heated to minimize bacterial growth and to avoid food contamination. Follows Department of Health policies and procedures in all areas. 

25. Determine daily supply needs and takes the responsibility for proper usage of those supplies. Informs the supervisor when running low on any supplies.  

26. Indicates to the Manager when level of “special order” items are low for reorder. 

27. Follows proper procedures in handling of cooking utensils and equipment; reports any malfunctions and necessary repairs to the Manager. 

28. Operates various pieces of mechanized trayline equipment. 

29. May assists with catering functions.  

30. Stores leftover food and documents item and date on container ensuring compliance with department policies and procedures.  

31. Always attends mandatory in-service and meetings or make arrangements with the appropriate supervisor for satisfactory compliance. 

32. Demonstrates responsibility for scope of position/ own standards of practice. 

33. Completes all job functions as per departmental policies and procedures. 

34. Maintains current knowledge in present areas of responsibility (i.e. attends ongoing educational programs)  

35. Maintain skills, licensure, regulatory requirements, credentials needed to perform assigned duties.  

36. Demonstrates full knowledge of current positions, and department’s relationship to flow of services and care of plan of the patient. Demonstrates working knowledge of all other services at the company.   


Other job duties: 

1. Performs other duties as required.



Required Experience:

A minimum of 2 years’ experience as a line, grill and/or prep cook. Ability to speak and understand English, read recipes and production records, record production information and demonstrate good interpersonal skills.   



DC Food Handler’s certification within three months of hire.   


Required Education:  

High school level or knowledge. Ability to speak and understand English.

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