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House Supervisor

Post Date:
Service Area:
The HSC Pediatric Center
Varies Weekends

Job Requirements

The Nursing Supervisor is a professional Registered Nurse who is responsible for the supervision, direction, and delivery of nursing care on a specific shift. Provides clinical and management advice to all staff members. Communicates and collaborates with support services, physicians, and staff members to enhance quality patient care. All efforts are directed toward continuous quality improvement, family-centered care, and good customer relations. Serves as the facility manager during non- traditional hours. In additions, this position must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served by the department of nursing. The individual must demonstrate knowledge of principles of growth and development over the life span and possess the ability to assess and analyze data reflective of the patient population and reflective of the age-specific needs to facilitate nursing care by staff.  

SHIFT: Varies; includes weekends


Essential job duties: 

1. Supports and promotes HSC’s mission and values in quality care and customer satisfaction by mentoring, participating in customer service/quality of care initiatives, etc.  

2. Ensure units comply with regulatory and professional standards. Monitor patients assessment and conducts chart review per JCAHO standards and implements follow up actions as identified. Analyze written reports on patients to determine conformity to physicians order and adherence to nursing standards of practice care.  

3. Ensures patients are assigned appropriate level of care based on patient care needs.  

4. Oversees and ensures that admits, transfers and discharges are facilitated in a timely manner, to maintain patient flow.  

5. Ensures assignments are based on patient acuity and competency or staff, considering staff ratio.  

6. Participates in departmental policy, procedure and performance improvement development as appropriate.  

7. Evaluates the quality of patient care by conducting unit, interdisciplinary and informal rounds, through direct staff observation and review of nursing documentation.  

8. Collaborates with Director regarding discipline of employees and responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring employee work improvement plan.  

9. Understands, coordinates, and carries out Emergency Plan to meet crises as they occur (snow emergency, Code Blue, fire, etc). Acts as team leader for appropriate codes .  

10. Attends nursing leadership meetings and staff meetings as appropriate per departmental requirements.  

11. Participates in Nursing Performance Improvement program by recommending, developing, and completing audits. 

12. Participates in evaluation of staff member’s performance at the end of their probation period (3 months; annually thereafter) utilizing the performance appraisal system.  

13. Consistently reviews individual staff performance and provides constructive verbal and/or written feedback.  

14. Delegates effectively to others and uses authority appropriately and takes initiative to provide coaching, as appropriate, to staff in timely manner.  

15. Follows organizational policies and procedures in dealing with staff issues and communicates policies and departmental objectives to staff frequently.  

16. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide and/or educate staff to provide care appropriate to the age of patients’ throughout their life span. An age specific category includes pediatrics, adolescents, and young adults.   

17. Collaborates with the Nurse Educator to meet the required and identified competencies and skills necessary to nursing staff, and ensures staff in-service requirements are met.  

18. Make recommendations to the Director of Clinical Services for transfer, promotions, suspension, termination, and grievances based on policy and procedures.  

19. Assure evaluations of agency nurses are completed and maintained, and those agency nurses have a current DC license and CPR certification.  

20. Collaborates with Director in reviewing incident reports/customer concerns, takes appropriate actions, and makes recommendations to minimize future occurrences and monitor follow up.  

21. Develops, organizes, and presents educational in services and clinical updates based on employee needs and requests. Collaborates with Nurse Educator to meet the need to provide ongoing patient/family education towards discharge plan, including such things as medication, pain, safety, nutrition, at home recovery issues, at home procedures, etc., as evidenced by chart review.  

22. Document pertinent information regarding patient’s condition, appropriate focus on treatment, response to treatment and progress toward outcome goal and administer and documents medication according to policy and procedures and follow six rights of medication administration.  

23. Ensures adequate staff coverage to provide continuity of patient care within the guidelines of patient census, acuity, and staff mix. Collaborates with Staffing Coordinator, Director, and agencies to achieve adequate staffing levels.  

24. Performs appropriately timed assessment of patient based on accurate and systematic data collection.  

25. Assesses patient family’s learning needs, readiness, and capacity for learning, considering potential barriers. 

26. Correctly identifies, communicates and collaborates on patient problems/priorities/issues based upon assessment data, establishes measureable patient goals and communicates initial/ongoing plan of care appropriately to multi-disciplinary care team.  

27. Consistently reports adverse outcome to the appropriate leadership level and communicates to the Physician and family per policy.  

28. Consistently identities and clarifies orders related to abbreviation, compatibility and desired action and acts a patient advocate.  

29. Performs additional tasks as assigned (schedule, notes orders, quality control logs, etc.)    


Required Experience:

Five years of experience, of which at least three or those years in Pediatrics. At least one year of experience as a Charge Nurse, Supervisor, or management position. Assumes responsibility for continued education and maintain skills. Demonstrates excellence in Pediatric Nursing. Demonstrates leadership ability and ability to implement administrative and organizational principles. Demonstrates ability to implement good interpersonal relations with all members of the hospital staff. Demonstrate knowledge of behavioral and scientific principles.   


Current DC RN License. Current CPR. PALS Certification upon hire or within 30 days of hire date. Membership in a professional organization preferred. Certification in Pediatric Nursing, Rehab Nursing, and/or Nursing Administration preferred.   

Required Education: 

Graduate from a school of Nursing. BSN and additional credits towards a Master’s Degree preferred.

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