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Housekeeping Aide

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Service Area:
The HSC Pediatric Center
Days (may vary as-needed)

Job Requirements

The Housekeeping Aide is a cleaning specialist who is involved in the day-to-day cleaning of hospital areas.


Essential job duties:

  1. Cleans hospital areas such as furnishings, floors, walls, windows and equipment with special cleaning solutions and disinfectants to prevent the spread of infection.
  2. Dust mops and wet mops floors. Utilizes safety signs to warn of potential hazards.
  3. Performs floor care, to include stripping, buffing and refinishing.
  4. Vacuums, spot cleans, shampoos and extracts carpet areas.
  5. Cleans vertical and horizontal areas that collect dust to include light fixtures and other high places using ladder when necessary.
  6. Collects and removes regular and infectious waste from hospital areas following proper procedures as needed. Cleans and relines waste containers with clean bags. Cleans and disinfects trash carts.
  7. Replenishes hand soap, paper towels, toilet tissue and seat protectors.
  8. Cleans beds, cribs, stretchers, headwall systems, railings, A/C and heat units, doorframes, window frames, windowsills, vents, highchairs, televisions, wheelchairs, strollers, sinks, tubs, toilets, urinals and other bathroom fixtures such as partitions and chrome fixtures. etc. using proper procedures. Cleans, dusts and polishes furniture when necessary.
  9. Utilizes cleaners, disinfectants, polishers, finishes and other cleaning products according to directions. Complies with universal precautions and infection control policies.
  10. Completes all cleaning and preparation of discharge units. Cleans isolation areas following proper procedures.
  11. Independently performs all functions. Little or no supervision is necessary. Completes all job functions as per departmental policies and procedures. Demonstrates flexibility in adjusting to changes within the department and hospital.
  12. Carries Ascom phones and responds to emergency requests.
  13. Reports to Customer Service and supervisor when there is a need for repairs to equipment, furnishings, and other items, (e.g. loose tiles or baseboards, chipped walls, damaged carpets, etc.)
  14. Adheres to all regulatory standards, including TJC, CARF, OSHA and Department of Health, as well as HSC Health Care System policies and procedures, when performing all job functions, including handling of waste and safety plan and execute all job responsibilities in a safe an efficient manner.
  15. Member of the Fire Response Team in case of fire and/or other emergency.
  16. Always attends mandatory in-services and meetings or arranges with the appropriate supervisor for satisfactory compliance.
  17. Maintains skills and current knowledge in present areas of responsibility (i.e. attends ongoing educational programs).
  18. Promotes a positive customer service environment and a culture of Family/Patient-Centered Care.
  19. Collects soiled linen, transports it to soiled holding area, and returns clean linen to proper linen areas.
  20. Moves furniture, supplies and equipment, hangs and changes curtains and drapes as requested. 
  21. Cleans bedside tables, counters, cabinets, tables, chairs, IV poles, linen hampers, refrigerators, glass on doors, door handles, around light switches, pictures, wall hangings, water fountains, using proper techniques.
  22. Clean kitchen areas and makes beds in the on-call and family apartments.
  23. Works outside when needed, removing falling limbs and wood from trees that has fallen, rakes and collects leaves. Assists in snow removal as requested.
  24. Housekeeping staff will be assigned to Laundry duties for both planned and unplanned absences in the Laundry Department
  25. Is familiar with the hospital PI concepts and practices and participates in PI activities as needed.


Other job duties:

  1. Performs other duties as assigned which may include snow removal and Laundry Floaters.  Please note that no job duties will be assigned without providing staff-specific training on appropriate policies and procedures or equipment necessary to complete tasks.



Required Experience:

Three months experience in housekeeping related duties. Manual dexterity to work with hands and arms. Able to operate, adjust and repair housekeeping equipment within knowledge. Ability to follow verbal and written instructions.


Required Education:

High school level of knowledge.

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