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Nutrition Services Aide

Post Date:
Service Area:
The HSC Pediatric Center
Various (some weekends are required)

Job Requirements

Performs routine food service tasks for the kitchen, cafeteria, formula, patient and catering services. This position provides quality food preparation, meal and customer service to patients, staff and guests.

Shift: 8:30a-5p; 6:30a-3p. Will be required to work some holidays and weekends.


Essential job duties:

  1. Brews coffee, fills beverage machines, sets up hot and/or cold food stations, sets up salad and deli bar stations and any other service area as needed and/or assigned.
  2. Stocks and dismantles condiment areas, maintains merchandising and replenishes paper and china supplies in the kitchen and cafeteria as needed.
  3. Serves hot and cold food to staff, patients, families and visitors.  May assist in catering functions.
  4. Prepares, portions, assembles and labels patients and non-patient food items.
  5. Reads menu to determine food requirements and procures food and other items from storage.
  6. Performs or assists with food preparation and production duties which may include grilling, baking, broiling, roasting, steaming, boiling or frying meats, vegetables, breads, etc.
  7. Stores leftover food and documents item and date on container ensuring compliance with department policies and procedures.
  8. Ensures all food on service line is plated, presented, portioned and garnished correctly, as appropriate.  Detects and reports spoiled or unattractive food or supplies.
  9. Assists in training new employees.
  10. Works on tray line following patient’s diet card, production sheets and other pertinent information, placing the corresponding utensils and food items in the designated places on the individual trays 100% of the time.  Assembles, measures, weighs, apportions and garnishes cold and hot food items such as main entrees, vegetables, salads, desserts and beverages for use on the patient tray assembly line.  Prepares beverages and some dessert items.
  11. Prepares and is responsible for the accuracy of patient regular diet late trays in unsupervised situations. Is responsible for having modified diet trays checked by the appropriate person before being sent to the patient.
  12. The work area is consistently clean and stocked during and at the end of the shift.  Determines daily supply needs and takes the responsibility for proper usage of those supplies. Informs the supervisor when running low on any supplies.
  13. Marks and identifies food items for purposes of rotation and quantity dispensing.
  14. Checks to see that foods are kept properly refrigerated or heated to minimize bacterial growth; observes sanitary food handling procedures as dictated by the Department of Health; maintains and assures adequate temperature control of food for greater acceptance.
  15. Maintains the clean and safe environment of the patient tray assembly line by performing such duties as cleaning the coffee machine, washing refrigerators and tray line equipment and removing trash when necessary.
  16. Records leftover items and waste on service summary reports.
  17. Alerts supervisor to problems or needs concerning equipment, supplies sanitation and safety.
  18. Cleans tables, assigned areas, counters and various types of equipment which may include (but not be limited to) steam tables, beverage machines, coffee pots, refrigerators, grill, steamer, ovens, microwave, receptacles, dish machine, etc. according to department procedures and schedules.  Follows directions for the safe and sanitary use of cleaning agents.
  19. Routinely sweeps and mops formula room, kitchen, offices and cafeteria floor.  Performs other cleaning duties as assigned.  Keeps storage closet clean, in order and chemicals properly stored.
  20. Under the direction of the registered dietitian, prepares, portions, weighs, measures, labels, dates and delivers specified nourishments, formulas, between meal feedings, tube feedings, supplemental and elemental diets accurately and in accordance with patients diet requirements and instructions from the dietitian; reports to the dietitian any failure of patient to accept nourishments.
  21. Under the direction of the registered dietitian, prepares, maintains, delivers and rotates juice, milk and other nourishment stock supplies stored in pantries located on the Nursing Care Units, records the issuance of those items on supply sheets which are taken to the Supervisor.  Delivers nourishments directly to patients.
  22. Records refrigeration/freezer temperatures on a daily basis.
  23. Demonstrates solid customer service skills (courtesy, professionalism, good eye contact and maintains the philosophy that customers are always right.
  24. Operates dish machine and performs all associated duties required for the proper cleaning of trays, glasses, dishes, pots, pans utensils, etc. Records dish-machine temperatures and checks for condition and proper operation.  Notifies manager if temperatures are not in compliance with standards or of any dish machine issues.
  25. Operates compactor and garbage disposals.  Removes trash and garbage to disposal areas. Cleans trash containers.
  26. Transports supplies to various areas of the department and facility.
  27. Transports patient meals to patient floors in delivery carts during meal times; returns delivery carts to kitchen and soiled tray carts to dish machine area after meals. Collects trays from all areas of the hospital.  Maintains cleanliness and checks working condition of patient carts.
  28. Delivers to the Diet Office patient menus that have been sent down on food carts from patients.
  29. Promotes the “RELATE” (Reassure, Explain, Listen, Answer, Take Action, Express Appreciation) culture and a culture of Family/Patient-Center Care.


Other job duties:

  1. May operate cash register in cafeteria and be responsible for all cashier duties including but not limited to maintaining accurate accounts of receipts, tax and food served, gathering cash bank in the mornings and counting to insure monies received is correct, recording amount received at register and preparing daily cash reports of all transactions.
  2. Performs other duties as required.




Required Experience:

  • 6 months of relevant experience required. Previous food service experience preferred.


  • DC Food Handler Certification within six months of hire.

Required Education:

  • High school or GED graduate. Associates degree preferred. Ability to read and write English.

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