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Outpatient Staff Occupational Therapist

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Service Area:
The HSC Outpatient Center

Job Requirements

The Staff Occupational Therapist administers occupational therapy treatments as ordered by a physician and in accordance with accepted practices of occupational therapy. He/she is responsible for evaluating, planning and implementing Occupational Therapy Services for the outpatient population.



Essential job duties: 

  1. Perform evaluations and document pertinent results, including patient and/or family interview, review of pertinent background information, observations, standardized and other objective measurements, systems review and interpretation of findings, within time frames consistent with care setting and department policy.
  2. Discuss evaluation results with patient/caregiver and appropriate healthcare team members and respond to questions appropriately.
  3. When treatment is appropriate, provide recommendations (including need for further assessment, follow up or referrals for additional services), information concerning the frequency, estimate of duration/type of service required and prognosis. Identify discharge planning needs with consideration of patient’s medical, psychological, behavioral and socioeconomic status.
  4. Identify and consider patient/caregiver expectations and limitations when developing plan of care.
  5. Set measurable and realistic long and short-term goals based on the patient’s medical status, anticipated therapeutic outcome(s), discharge plans and patient/family input. 
  6. Refer patient to appropriate practitioner when patient need is outside scope of expertise.
  7. Effectively and independently treat patient using established plan of care and in accordance to professional standards and established regulations set forth by HSC, AOTA, the Department of Health, The Joint Commission and CARF.
  8. Periodically re-evaluate and modify treatment plan and goals as indicated based on patient’s medical status, response to treatment, anticipated therapeutic outcome(s) and discharge plans.
  9. Involve patient/family and/or other caregiver(s) in goal development and plan of care to include discharge planning.
  10. Instruct and encourage patient, family members and/or caregiver(s) involvement in therapeutic activities (e.g. home exercise programs, orthotic/equipment use and care).
  11. Verify and document patient/caregiver’s understanding of information.
  12. Make appropriate referrals for equipment and community involvement by time of discharge.
  13. Follow established documentation policies and guidelines regarding initial evaluations, treatment/progress notes, teaching records, and discharge summaries as set forth by the department. 
  14. Complete patient charges accurately and timely.
  15. Utilize outcome measurement tools as per established guidelines.
  16. Achieve productivity, at the discretion of the Program Manager, averaging 62.5%.
  17. Conduct staff in-services.
  18. Responsible for supporting the clinical education program as assigned.
  19. Appropriately delegate assignments and provide supervision to Rehabilitation Technicians and/or other support personnel. 
  20. Assist with the development and/or revision of departmental policies and procedures.
  21. As appropriate, effectively handle administrative/shared responsibilities.
  22. Make suggestions regarding purchase of new equipment and supplies when necessary.
  23. Maintain equipment and supplies in a clean and orderly condition. 
  24. Demonstrate familiarity with all policies and procedures of the Hospital and the Department of Rehabilitation Services.
  25. Maintain skills, licensure, regulatory requirements and credentials needed to perform assigned duties.
  26. Complete required or necessary orientation, annual training and in-services. Ensure all competencies are maintained.
  27. Ensure timely and cooperative inter- and intra-departmental relationships and communications throughout the hospital/ hospital system and with individuals external to the hospital/ hospital system.
  28. Assist with the monitoring and evaluation process for important aspects of care for the Department via performance improvement programs.
  29. Facilitate and support department compliance with local, state, and federal laws, regulations and standards, including those governing professional practice.  Assumes responsibility for meeting requirements specified by The Joint Commission /DOH and other relevant regulatory agencies and organizations.


Other job duties:

  1. May perform other duties in addition to those outlined in this job description.



Required Experience:

Must demonstrate a professional and enthusiastic interest in pediatric program enhancement/development to address the diverse and holistic needs of this population.  Possesses knowledge of growth and development, and of diseases and disabilities. Ability to work well with others. Ability to communicate well, both verbally and in writing.  Working knowledge of infection control principles and techniques.



Current Certification by National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT). Current DC and/or Maryland OT license. CPR certification. 

Required Education:

Graduate of an AOTA-accredited occupational therapy program. 

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