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Pharmacy Technician

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The HSC Pediatric Center
Day Shift (will be required to work some weekends/holidays as-needed)

Job Requirements

Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in preparing and distributing medications, maintaining the drug inventory, and maintaining patient records. Pharmacy technicians work only under the supervision of a registered pharmacist. They do not perform duties that can legally be performed only by a registered pharmacist. The pharmacy technician may be assigned other duties as deemed necessary by their supervisor.

SHIFT: Mostly Days (8:00am - 4:30pm) - Occasional Evening & Weekend


Essential job duties:

1. Procures and distributes medication orders per physician request, pharmacist request or prearranged work assignment according to established policies, procedures and protocols.

2. Fills physician orders and medication carts accurately.

3. Replenishes medications in emergency crash carts or Automated Dispensing Cabinet accurately.

4. Prepares intravenous admixtures or other sterile products accurately, completing all necessary documentation.

5. Prepares compounds accurately, completing all necessary documentation.

6. Delivers medications and supplies to patient care and ancillary areas accurately per established schedule.

7. Maintains adequate stock of medications and supplies according to established policies and procedures.

8. Assists in ordering, receiving, unpacking, and storing pharmaceuticals and supplies in appropriate locations.

9. Rotates stock to ensure use before expiration date.

10. Identifies and replaces outdated and unusable drugs.

11. Restocks medication and IV dispensing areas.

12. Prepackages bulk medication in unit dose packages.

13. Contributes to the effective operation of the department.

14. Picks up orders, requisitions, and medications for return from patient care areas when on delivery rounds.

15. Enters medication orders into pharmacy computer system accurately.

16. Enters charges and credits for patient medication accurately.

17. Generates reports, pick lists, and labels as required.

18. Answers the telephone, identifying self and department.

19. Directs calls to appropriate personnel. Answers requests at the window and makes "stat" deliveries to patient care areas when requested.

20. Organizes and prioritizes work assignments.

21. Maintains logs, records, and other required documentation accurately. Files documentation in appropriate locations.

22. Demonstrates good oral and written communication.

23. Keeps pharmacy areas clean, neat, and well organized. Keeps pharmacy equipment clean.

24. Participates in the performance improvement activities of the department.

25. Completes and documents all assigned medication storage area inspections at least monthly. Identifies and replaces outdated and unusable drugs.

26. Collects data, conducts performance improvement monitors, and completes documentation as assigned.

27. Maintains competence required for current job title/position.

28. Attends pharmacy staff meetings.

29. Attends orientation, education, and training programs. Reviews literature and other materials as assigned.

30. Completes all competence/skills assessment requirements

Other job duties:

1. Performs other duties as assigned.


Required Experience:

At least 2 to 3 years pharmacy technician experience, hospital experience preferred, but not required. Familiarity with unit dose, IV. admixtures and pharmacy computer systems a plus.


Current DC Licensure, PTCB preferred

Required Education:

High school diploma or equivalent. College courses desirable, but not required.

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