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Rehabilitation Technician _ Inpatient

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Service Area:
The HSC Pediatric Center

Job Requirements


Performs routine tasks which support Rehabilitation Services within a specific hospital program. Under the supervision of a licensed/certified professional, assists with patient treatment.  


Essential job duties: 

1. Transport patients to and from therapy activities according to hospital policy. 

2. Coordinate activities for groups/patients during classroom/free or play times as assigned. 

3. Establish rapport with patients that is compassionate and humanistic. 

4. Maintain therapy areas and playrooms, as assigned. 

5. Clean therapy treatment areas and equipment as needed. 

6. Transport equipment to and from the established cleaning area, as assigned. 

7. Inventory and stock supplies for treatment rooms. 

8. Obtain equipment from storage as assigned. 

9. Maintain equipment storage areas as assigned. 

10. Perform clerical duties as assigned.  

11. Perform other duties as assigned  

12. Ensure timely and cooperative inter- and intra-departmental relationships and communications throughout the hospital and the system and with individuals external to the hospital and system. 

13. Keep designated supervisor informed about all significant issues and seeks counsel when necessary. 

14. Provide support to therapists during aquatic therapy sessions by assisting with patient transfers in and out of pool and by being immediately available in pool area in case of emergency.  

Other job duties:

1. Performs other duties as assigned.


Required Experience:

Must be at least 18 years old. Must be able express self clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing. Must demonstrate self-initiation and simple problem solving skills. Relate compassionately and appropriately with children and their families in accordance with the guidelines of the hospital. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with therapists and other employees; manage time effectively and be flexible to accommodate patient and staffing needs.  


CPR certification  

Required Education: 

High school graduate or equivalent. College training preferred.

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