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Social Worker

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Service Area:
The HSC Pediatric Center

Job Requirements

Social Workers assist all families/caregivers at HSC with their adjustment to the health conditions and the hospitalization of those children/teens admitted to the Hospital. He/she also enhance the problem solving and coping capacities of patients and their families, utilizing various treatment modalities. In addition, the social worker links clients with systems that provide them with resources, services and opportunities. Manages the care coordination and discharge planning process for patients through effective communications with the payers and interdisciplinary team.


Essential job duties:

  1. Provides assessment of the psychosocial, environmental, age specific, community resource availability and financial impact of illness on patients and their family system, need for care, response to treatment and adjustment to care. 
  2. Refers patient/families to appropriate human service resources and follow- up to ascertain need fulfillment, assuming an advocacy role, when indicated, to facilitate holistic care. Resources include financial, health, educational, relief aid and equipment.
  3. Participates in the development of the plan of care. 
  4. Participates in individual case conferences as necessary to facilitate coordination of care and a broader understanding of social and emotional needs. Contribute toward identifying social problems, their severity, and interrelatedness to the medical situation, in addition to assessing family strengths/weaknesses with focus upon methods to alleviate the situation.
  5. Documents evaluation, treatment and response to the plan of care in an accurate, complete, clear and timely manner.
  6. Provides counseling and emotional support and/or crisis intervention as per professional standards.
  7. Communicates patient/family assessment information and service plan to providers and health care team. Provides comprehensive assessment to referrals.
  8. Ensures that patient’s/family’s goals are taken into account when the plan of care is formulated.
  9. Is knowledgeable about and locates appropriate community resources to meet needs of patients and families.
  10. Serves as a liaison/advocate between patient and community resources, always keeping the patient’s best interests foremost.
  11. Performs initial assessment of patient/families spiritual needs and requests. Makes appropriate referrals.
  12. Assists with the anxiety and stress precipitated by illness, hospitalization, loss, disability, and death by implementing problem solving and supportive care which will work to reduce the patient’s and family’s emotional discomfort and facilitate adjustment to present life situation.
  13. The social worker will interview and assess for potential referral to appropriate entitlement programs and community agencies. Works with patients/families on financial issues as needed. Will coordinate identified billing problems with the Case Manager.
  14. Provides terminal care planning and grief counseling to patients, families and staff. 
  15. Demonstrates broad knowledge of options available and ability to communicate those options in a supportive manner.
  16. Coordinates and participates in family meetings.
  17. Keeps up-to-date referral information on all human services organizations in the locality and directs the client to the most appropriate agency and services in a timely manner as appropriate. Performs frequent reviews of all inpatients to identify any social service needs.
  18. Participates in regularly schedules hospital committee meetings, interdisciplinary team meetings and individual conferences to facilitate coordination of care in the hospitals Social Work Program as appropriate.
  19. Adheres to all current professional standards for social workers and Joint Commission standards for social services, and implements appropriate changes in treatment modalities, policies, procedures, and programs as required.
  20. Maintains all appropriate documentation in an accurate, complete and timely manner. 
  21. Attends court hearings and DHS/other administrative review hearings as appropriate.
  22. Provides clinical oversight for Social Worker/Social Work student.
  23. Schedules clinic and post-discharge follow up appointments.


Other job duties:

  1. Performs other duties as assigned.



Required Experience: 

Five years of social work experience; at least two years of experience with in-patient neonatal/pediatric ICU, pediatric sub-acute and/or pediatric rehabilitation. Good assessment skills, ability to function independently with superior time management skills. Outstanding oral and written communication skills. Well-developed computer skills. Ability to manage multiple priorities and make appropriate decisions to ensure completion of tasks. Knowledge of discharge planning process (e.g. home care and community services). Working knowledge of Medicaid and private insurance procedures. Ability to solve complex problems. Family/child experience preferred. 


LICSW Licensure from the District of Columbia required.

Required Education:

Master’s degree in Social Work.

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