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Speech Language Pathologist Home Care (PRN)

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HSC Home Care, LLC

Job Requirements

The Speech Language Pathologist is a professional responsible for planning and administering speech language pathology evaluations, as well as planning and implementing appropriate treatment. Document provision of such care, utilization of support staff and participation in special projects as designated are also responsibilities of this position.

1. Perform evaluation, re-assessment, discharge, etc. in timely manner according to departmental policy. Select and administer appropriate treatment with proper attention to age-appropriate considerations, client/patient safety and dignity.
2. Evaluate clients/patients of all ages with communication deficits and/or dysphagia.
3. Respond to medical referral following standard procedure.
4. Individual client/patient plans of treatment reflect current client/patient needs.
5. Client assessments are communicated to appropriate individuals.
6. Visit note forms are completed and submitted within 24 hours of treatment per home health care agency policy and procedure.
7. Collaborate with physicians and other disciplines to obtain maximal benefit from client/patient treatment.
8. Instruct client/patient and family in treatment plan, expected outcome, and home program whenever possible.
9. Record treatment, client/patient response to treatment, and progress in appropriate and timely manner.
10. Work cooperatively with HSC Staff to contribute to the overall productivity of the team.
11. Stay abreast of trends and professional issues and reflects this in treatment.
12. Attend HSC Home Care in-services and all required meetings to increase skill.
13. Obtain outside continuing education and presents information to staff.
14. Assist as requested in program development activities, complete program development assignments thoroughly and in a timely manner.
15. Document assessment, plan, interactions, and interventions according to Agency’s and/or health system guidelines and standards.
16. Referrals of clients to other health care providers are done per agency policy and procedure.
17. Referral information is documented accurately, completely, and in a timely manner.
18. Attend and participate in staff, committee, department, and other administrative meetings.
19. Attend mandatory inservice programs.
20. Participate in Agency’s continuous quality improvement efforts.
21. Cooperates with and adapts to planned changes in Agency operations.
22. Completes incidents reports accurately and in a timely manner.
23. Maintenance of confidentiality of client information is demonstrated per agency policy and procedure.
24. Participation in development and implementation of educational programs to address staff members’ needs is demonstrated.
25. Current professional license of Speech Language Pathologist is maintained and documented.
Other job duties:
1. Performs other duties as assigned.
Required Experience: Documentation of a satisfactory work record preferably a minimum of one year of experience in an institutional setting. A minimum of one or more years of experience working with pediatric clients. Home visits/home care preferred. Desire to deliver quality therapy in all client/patient care situations. Ability to speak read and write English fluently. Bi-lingual preferred.
License/Certifications: Certificate of clinical competence in speech language pathology from American Speech Language Hearing Association and current license to practice in the District of Columbia. Current CPR certification.
Required Education: Graduate with a Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology from an accredited university.

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