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Staff OPED Therapist - Lanham, MD

Post Date:
Service Area:
The HSC Outpatient Center

Job Requirements

Provides patient care in the OPED/AT department including evaluating patients for durable medical equipment, orthotics, and assistive technology to improve their independence and function
Essential job duties:
1. Evaluation of the patient’s seating and positioning in their current seating system if appropriate, including adjustments for greater comfort and alignment, including a full mat evaluation. 2. Assess the need for a manual vs. power wheelchair, determine accessibility of home and ability to transport wheelchair. Measure patient for wheelchair and determine specifications. Provide power mobility training as needed.
3. Assess and measure for other medical equipment including but not limited to: adapted strollers, alternative seating systems for home and school, standers, gait trainers, canes, crutches, walkers, adapted tricycles, hospital bed, bath and shower chairs, and patient lifts.
4. Evaluate, cast, and fit for orthotics and bracing to improve balance, gait, alignment, and to prevent deformities. These include lower extremity, upper extremity, and trunk orthoses.
5. Train patient and family to safely use, maintain, set up and breakdown each piece of equipment. Educate on donning and doffing orthotics, wearing schedule, and skin inspection.
6. Perform evaluations with a team of therapists to determine if assistive technology may improve function.
7. Discusses evaluation results with patient/caregiver and appropriate healthcare team members and responds to questions appropriately.
8. Identifies signs and symptoms that substantially impact treatments and outcomes and takes appropriate action.
9. Refers patient to appropriate practitioner if the diagnosis is outside scope of expertise
10. Investigates living environment for safety hazards and necessary modification by discussion with appropriate caregiver or patient.
11. Completes patient charges accurately and timely.
12. Follows established documentation policies and guidelines.
13. Alert to payer limitations and makes appropriate adjustments to plan of care.
14. Oversees students, clinical fellows and volunteers as assigned.
15. Appropriately delegates assignments and provides appropriate supervision.
16. Assists with orientation, training, and competency assessment activities of students, volunteers, support personnel and peers, as requested.
17. Productivity at manager’s discretion, averaging 75% for OPED clinic therapists and 50% for Assistive Technology therapist
18. Acts as a liaison with other departments within the organization. Is responsive to needs, follows up when appropriate, and updates and informs Supervisor as appropriate.
19. Assists supervisor in the development and/or revision of policies and procedures, as requested.
20. Be familiar with all policies and procedures of the Hospital and the Department of Rehabilitation Services.
21. Ensures timely and cooperative inter- and intra-departmental relationships and communications throughout the hospital and the system and with individuals external to the hospital and system.
22. Maintains skills, licensure, regulatory requirements and credentials needed to perform assigned duties.
Other job duties:
1. May perform other duties in addition to those outlined in this job description.
Required Experience: Must demonstrate a professional and enthusiastic interest in pediatric program enhancement/development to address the diverse and holistic needs of this population. Must have a working knowledge of the principles of pediatric therapy. Knowledge of growth and development, and of diseases and disabilities. Ability to work well with others. Ability to communicate well, both verbally and in writing.
Current District of Columbia and/or Maryland licensure of OT, PT or ST or eligibility. In addition, a ST therapist must have Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. CPR certification is required. RESNA, ATP Certification preferred.
Required Education:
Graduate of an ACOTE-approved occupational therapy curriculum. Initial certification by National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT); Graduate of a CAPTE approved Physical Therapy curriculum or Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from an American Speech- Language-Hearing Association accredited institution.

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