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Volunteer Services Coordinator

Post Date:
Service Area:
The HSC Pediatric Center
Days Various (some weekends are required)

Job Requirements

The Volunteer Services Coordinator evaluates the need for volunteer services within the organization in conjunction with HSC department managers, to enhance patient, family and visitor comfort and satisfaction. The Volunteer Services Coordinator will use sound business practices to enhance and extend the services of the HSC Health Care System by recruiting, managing, and effectively utilizing community residents and organized groups who volunteer at throughout the health care system.  

SHIFT: Majority Day time hours with need for some off shift and weekend need


Essential job duties:

  1. Plans and implements volunteer programs that enhance customer service. 
  2. Initiates recruitment, screening, selection, orientation, training, placement and supervision for potential volunteers, organized groups and special event volunteers. 
  3. Ensures that an adequate group of carefully selected, well trained and appropriately supervised volunteers will be available to enhance and augment patients support and hospital projects. 
  4. Provides direction, coordination and consultation for all volunteer service programs within the hospital guidelines for patient support programs. 
  5. Develops a Volunteer Council and the corps derived from community residents, agencies, organized groups, businesses, houses of worship, schools and colleagues to provide guidance and support for the programs. 
  6. Develops written responsibility descriptions/performance standards for all volunteer assignments/positions. Prepares policies and procedures that follow HSC policies and local, state and federal laws, including aspects of risk management and legal issues.
  7. Schedules and trains volunteers according to their interests and abilities and in accordance with department and hospital needs/goals. Reassigns volunteers to sustain interest or better utilize their abilities. 
  8. Conducts in service training on an annual basis for all volunteers.
  9. Receives requests from hospital departments for volunteer service assistance and evaluates appropriateness of the request. Works to fill positions. 
  10. Oversees the maintenance of Volunteer Services records to ensure recognition of volunteers for services rendered. Ensures that record keeping procedures are compliance with accreditation standards and include applications, service assignments, health certification, immunization and training records, volunteer hours served. 
  11. Promotes and maintains the volunteer programs visibility in the community via participation in fairs, using the print, radio and television media, speaking at colleges, house of worship, schools and registering at volunteer’s centers. 
  12. Negotiates/maintains contracts and MOU’s with volunteer’s centers and referral agencies. 
  13. Develops and implements appropriate recognition programs (i.e. annual recognition events) for volunteers, including individual recognitions bases upon the volunteer’s motivation for volunteering. 
  14. Serves as advocate for volunteers and facilitate open communication between volunteers and staff. 
  15. Assist volunteers with duties when short staffed, such as answering phones, etc. 
  16. Uses community resources and develops a network of professional peers to collaborate and keep abreast of trends. 
  17. Evaluates the overall Volunteer program and individual volunteer performance through solicitation and formal/feedback evaluations from staff. 
  18. Supervises all assigned staff in the performance of their daily work and ensures overall timeliness and accuracy of the department functions. 
  19. Responsible for orientation/training /cross training of volunteers to meet individual and departmental needs. 
  20. Maintains time and attendance records as needed. 
  21. Documents and reports to VP of HR on various performance improvement measurements. 
  22. Budgets and plans for necessary supplies, equipment, resources, and facility space. 
  23. Approves all purchasing requests within established guidelines. 
  24. Attends mandatory in services and meetings or arranges with the appropriate supervisor for satisfactory compliance. 
  25. Maintains current knowledge in present areas of responsibility (i.e. attends ongoing educational programs). 


Other job duties:

  1. Performs other duties as assigned.



Required Experience:

  1. Three (3) years of supervisory and volunteer management experience. 
  2. Three (3) years of experience managing volunteers in a health care setting or a community organization.  
  3. Familiarity with the community and its resources. 
  4. The ability to relate to person of all ages and of diverse backgrounds, skills and abilities. 
  5. Must be able to work with individuals of different religious affiliations and meet with them in their respective house of worship.   
  6. Strong verbal and written communication skills. 
  7. A demonstrated commitment to volunteer/operational excellence. 
  8. Management, communication planning and organizational skills to carry out the responsibilities of Coordinator position. 
  9. Microsoft Office skills required and desktop publishing desirable. 
  10. Ability to develop and manage a budget. 



Membership and active participant in professional volunteer management organizations (i.e. ASDVS). CPR certified preferred. CAVS certification or eligible. 


Required Education:

Bachelor’s degree or additional post-secondary education with a major in behavioral sciences or business management strongly preferred. Additional course study in business administration, communication, public relations, education, marketing or HR preferred. 



The incumbent will be responsible for the general direction of two staff members (Communications Liaison (part-time) and Volunteer Services Assistant (temporary/part-time)).

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