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Our Team

Nathaniel Savio Beers, MD, MPA, FAAP

President and CEO

Nathaniel Beers is the President and CEO at The HSC Health Care System. He served as the Chief Operating Officer, Chief of Specialized Instruction, and Executive Director for Early Stages in the Office of Special Education in DC Public Schools since 2009. More

Victor Fields

Executive Vice President of Managed Care, The HSC Health Care System and Chief Executive Officer, HSCSN

Victor Fields is the Executive Vice President of Managed Care for The HSC Health Care System, and the Chief Executive Officer of Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc. (HSCSN). Victor joined The HSC Health Care System in August 2017 as Chief Financial Officer. He became CEO of HSCSN in September 2017 and is responsible for all day-to-day management decisions, and for implementing HSCSN’s long and short-term plans More

Lisa Proctor

Vice President, Marketing and Outreach

Kimberly Brown

Vice President, Finance & Corporate Controller