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Foundation Programs

The HSC Foundation works with a network of partners from across the country who bring unique expertise and resources to support young people with disabilities as they move to adulthood. 

Life Enrichment Awards Program (LEAP)

The HSC Foundation’s Life Enrichment Awards Program (LEAP) works to enrich the lives of youth and young adults with disabilities by providing transition resources and services through a network of community partners in the Washington, DC area.

National Youth Transitions Center (NYTC)

As of January 1 2019, The National Youth Transitions Center (NYTC) Collaborative is no longer active.

The National Youth Transitions Center provided programs that directly served young people with disabilities, including:

  • Career counseling and exploration
  • School-to-work readiness training
  • Work-based learning (mentoring and internships)
  • Personal development and leadership training
  • Family education and support

The Center also served as a national clearinghouse for research, advocacy, and the evaluation of support systems for youth and young people with disabilities in transition.

The HSC Foundation and NYTC Collaborative partners made a collective decision to discontinue the collaborative and all its programs. As a result, the NYTC website is no longer in service. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to We want to thank our partners, families and staff for their dedicated service to young people with disabilities in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.