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Why Choose HSCSN

Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc. is Washington, DC’s health plan for children and youth with disabilities and complex needs. There are many reasons to choose HSCSN.

  • Complete Care — We're here to improve your child's health and help him or her to lead a full life. We provide a care manager who will give you personal attention and coordinate care for all of your child's medical needs. Your child will also have a primary care provider (PCP), who will refer you to specialists and other health care providers as needed.
  • Family-Centered Care — HSCSN knows the value of family in your child’s health and well being. Our care managers work with families as partners in planning and giving care.
  • Choice — We recognize choosing your own doctor is important. We have more than 2,000 providers in our network. We can help you choose the right doctor for you.
  • Preventive Care — We make sure you or your child gets wellness visits or physicals, and dental exams—and we provide transportation to and from medical appointments. These exams can help protect your child's health.
  • A Home For Medical Care — Understanding the health care needs of children and their families is only part of what makes HSCSN a "medical home." A medical home provides overall health care that is easy to access, family-centered, constant and coordinated. It is a place where we pay attention and understand your needs.

To learn more about HSCSN, call the HSCSN Customer Care line at 202-467-2737 or 1-866-WE-R-4-KIZ (937-4549).