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Choosing a Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Everyone needs to see a doctor to help stay healthy. HSCSN’s network of PCPs and dentists work hard to keep their patients well, treat them when they are not, and find additional care when it’s needed.

Choosing your PCP and dentist is one of the most important things you will do as a member. So we’ve provided these steps to help get you started!

Step One: Think about the needs of the members in your family.

  • Do you want to keep your current PCP or Dentist? Check to see if your current doctors are part of the HSCSN network. If so, you may keep that doctor.
  • Is it important for doctors to be close to home or work?
    • Do you prefer one hospital to another? Check the Provider Directory or call Customer Care for a list of hospitals where PCPs and dentists can send patients for treatment.
    • Some doctors may not be taking new patients. HSCNS will let you know if you need to pick different doctor.

Step Two: Based on your answers in Step One, choose a PCP and dentist for every HSCSN member in your family.

  • If your current doctors or dentists are not part of the HSCSN network, choose a doctor from the Provider Directory.
  • There may be HSCSN members in your family who don’t have a PCP or dentist. You can choose one from the list of doctors in the Provider Directory

Step Three: If you need to change your PCP or Dentist:

  • You can change your PCP anytime, for any reason.
  • Choose your new PCP or dentist from the Provider Directory.
  • Call your Care Manager or Customer Care to let them know.