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Information for Health Care Providers

The HSC Health Care System is a nonprofit health care organization committed to serving families with complex health care needs and eliminating barriers to health services. We value our health care providers and will work with you to find effective and efficient ways to help you care for your patients.

The HSC Health Care System is comprised of four unique components to offer a comprehensive approach to caring, serving and empowering people with disabilities:

The HSC Pediatric Center

Ages infancy through 21

  • Our pediatric specialty hospital provides medical programs and therapy to infants, children and young adults who have complex medical issues.
  • Provider Referrals and Admission — See the referral and admission process for inpatient and outpatient medical programs and therapy for children and young adults with complex medical needs.

HSC Home Care, LLC

- District of Columbia: Ages infancy through 21
- Maryland: People of all ages

  • Our home care services for children and young adults with complex health issues in the District of Columbia and people of all ages in Maryland.
  • Provider Referrals — Learn the referral process for home care services in Washington, DC and surrounding areas in Maryland.

More Resources

  • Education and Training — Find training and continuing medical education to maintain knowledge and skills.
  • Making Referrals — Easily find provider referral and admission information for The HSC Pediatric Center, and HSC Home Care, LLC.
  • Work at HSC — Find and apply for jobs, and learn more about working as a provider at HSC.