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Education and Training for Health Providers

The HSC Health Care System strives to provide up-to-date clinical information to ensure providers can maintain their knowledge and skills, and the clinical outcomes for their patients.


  • Fluoride Varnish Training
    Provides medical providers and other health providers with knowledge needed to reduce the incidence of dental caries among children ages 3 and under and to contribute to the establishment of a dental home.

Continuing Medical Education

HSCSN's online Continuing Medical Education (CME) portal offers the following courses:

  • A Fresh Look at Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Discusses common co-morbid conditions, current DSM-V criteria and early differential diagnosis of ASD and understand indicators for youth of applied behavioral analysis treatment.
  • Health Care Transition for Adolescents and Young Adults
    Reviews quality improvement strategies, tools, and resources used by pediatric, family medicine and internal medicine practices participating in the DC Transition Learning Collaborative and how to implement them in your practice.