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Services We Offer

Our goal is to provide the best possible home care services for your loved one. Our staff of health care professionals are trained to care for the most complex cases and educate you so you are comfortable and safe as they care for your loved one at home.

During your first visit, we will explain our services and how to contact us. We’ll also work with you and your health care team to create a care plan that describes:

  • What services are needed
  • Which health care members should give you these services
  • How often these services are needed
  • The medical equipment you’ll need

We offer many treatment and support services for families living in the Washington, DC area. If you have questions about the type of services you need, feel free to contact us and speak with a member of our team. We can also provide a list of services to you or your health care team.

To learn more about the services we offer, choose from the options below:

Skilled Nursing

Our nurses will work closely with you and your loved one’s health care team. We will create a care plan that is tailored to your loved one’s medical needs as ordered by your doctor. We also will teach you about your loved one’s medical condition and medications, and about home safety.

Our Registered Nurses (RN)

Our registered nurses review your family member’s condition at the first visit and regularly. They will work together with the health care team to create a care plan that is right for your loved one. Our registered nurses will perform many of the procedures and treatments your loved one needs at home. Because you are an important part of their care, the nurses will teach you and other caregivers about giving medicines, home safety, and preventing injury and infection.

Our Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)

Our licensed practical nurses (LPN) work under the direction of the registered nurse. They provide care based on your loved one’s care plan. They also help with activities such as giving medications, daily tasks, safety, and preventing injury and infections.

Home Health and Personal Care Aides

Our home health aides and personal care aides provide care by using creative ways to help your loved one learn self care activities, such as:

  • Bathing, dressing, toileting, skin care, mouth care, nail care, back care, hair care, and other daily needs.
  • Moving as needed, helping with exercise programs, and reminding you to take medicines.
  • Teaching you about safety, what to do in an emergency, how to call 9-1-1 to get help, and how to avoid infections.
  • Preparing meals and formula, food shopping, changing bedding, doing laundry for the person who needs care, and tidying areas where the loved one interacts and sleeps.

Infusion Therapy (IV Therapy)

Our registered nurses will provide care if your loved one receives their medicine through a needle into the vein in their arm (using an IV bag). They will make sure you have the equipment you need and will monitor your family member and the medicine. They also teach you how to use the pumps and give the medicine on your own.

Respite Care

Caring for someone with a chronic illness or disability can often feel like a full-time job. Sometimes you need time away from being a caregiver. Respite care offers you the chance to take a break from your caregiving, leaving your loved one in the care of a trusted HSC Home Care staff member.

Before your respite care, we will send a registered nurse to the home. The nurse will ask you about the type of care being given and other information, like allergies and emergency contact numbers, and for children, favorite play activities. You also will be asked to complete and sign an agreement/contract form so we can provide services for your loved one.

Respite care may be provided by a home health aide/personal care aide, licensed practical nurse or even a registered nurse. It depends on the care needs. This service may or may not be a covered benefit by your health insurance plan. You can contact us and we can help you find out about your covered services.

Client/Caregiver Education

You are a big part of your loved one’s care. Education is a major key in building your confidence to meet your loved one's needs. We will show you how to use medical equipment at home and perform procedures or treatments that are part of the care plan and doctor’s orders. Our staff will give you printed instructions that you can review as needed.

Well Mom and Baby Visits

Moms are given lots of information during their hospital stay on how to take care of a new baby. But when you get home, you may find that you need a little help. We offer well mom and baby visits to make sure you and your baby are adjusting to being home.

HSC Home Care offers well mom and baby visits by nurses who have been trained in mother and child health. A registered nurse will make a visit to your home within 48 hours of leaving the hospital to make sure you and your baby are doing well at home. During the visit, you can ask questions about caring for your baby and your own health. The nurse will also help you make follow-up appointments for you and the baby with your primary care doctor.

Rehabilitation Therapies (Washington, DC only)

Our therapists create a specific home program to meet the needs of your loved one. We offer three types of therapy:

  • Physical therapy involves the use of physical activities to help build strength and balance for functional tasks such as play.
  • Occupational therapy works to help your family member perform activities of daily living.
  • Speech therapy helps with communication, swallowing and speech disorders.

We will spend time with your family member so that we can develop a treatment plan that is right for him or her. We partner with you (and your friends or family who are helping you) to care for your loved one and teach you how to continue with therapy activities when we are not with you.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists follow treatment plans built on a good understanding of your loved one’s abilities. We work with them to gain better movement and strength with action packed and fun activities.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists help your family member gain skills to be more independent with life’s day-to-day activities. We find creative activities that help them with self care, and in the case of children, play and school.

Speech-Language Therapy

Our speech-language therapists will use a variety of creative ways to help your loved one with communication, speech and language, or swallowing problems.

Licensed Clinical Social Workers (Washington, DC only)

Sometimes everyday life problems get in the way. Our licensed clinical social workers can help you cope with the challenges that come with caring for a loved one with complex medical needs. They also connect you with community resources to address housing, food, safety and other health issues that get in the way of caring for your loved one.

Contact us today to learn more about HSC Home Care services.