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SHAPEDOWN is a program for the whole family—children, teens and parents! Join our 10-week class and focus on eating healthy, fitness and family communication.

Our classes are taught by a team of health care professionals at The HSC Pediatric Center trained to guide the entire family to healthier eating and fitness habits.

During the 10 weekly classes, we start you off with a weekly weigh-in, discuss how the week went, then divide into separate kids and parents groups. We make physical activity and eating healthy fun with games, activities, and prizes.

Who can participate in SHAPEDOWN?

SHAPEDOWN is for children ages 5 and up with weight concerns and their families.

How does SHAPEDOWN help my child?

The whole family will see changes as a result of the SHAPEDOWN sessions:

  • Your family will gain healthier eating and fitness habits.
  • Your children and teens will learn to take responsibility for their eating choices and activity.
  • You’ll tune up your skills to encourage a healthier lifestyle at home.
  • Food will become less important as activity becomes more exciting.
  • You’ll all learn new ways to talk with each other and avoid arguments.

When do SHAPEDOWN classes start and how do I sign up?

A new class starts every couple of months. Check out the Events Calendar to see when you can join. You’ll need to:

  1. Complete the Registration Form [DOCX - 44 KB].
  2. Have your doctor complete the Physician Approval Form [DOCX - 42 KB].
  3. Provide a $20 deposit at the first class, which you will get back if you come to at least nine of the 10 sessions.


Where can I find out more about SHAPEDOWN?

Contact Robyn Winston Cohen, our certified therapeutic recreation specialist. You can reach her at 202-557-1851 or

Check out the SHAPEDOWN flyer [PDF - 209 KB].