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Assistive Technology and Power Mobility

About Assistive Technology and Power Mobility

Our health care team uses technology to help your child communicate, learn, play and interact with the people around them. We work with your child to identify the best mobility devices and technology to improve independence in the home, school and community.

Services We Provide

We begin with an evaluation to identify the devices that may be most useful for your child. After the evaluation, we may have your child come back to try different devices or for training. During that time your child can practice and we can make sure that we have made the best selection for your family.

  • Evaluations (may include any or all of the following)
    • Augmentative and Alternative Communication – We match your child’s skills with the most useful communication device, including voice output devices and picture communication symbols.
    • Computer Access – We match the right devices and software to increase your child’s communication, learning and fun, using devices such as adaptive keyboards and mice, touch screens, and switches to replace mouse controls.
    • Electronic Aids to Daily Living – We identify the best-suited aid so your child can live more independently. Examples include intercom systems, infrared controls, and controls for lights, remotes and phones.
    • Power Mobility – We match your child with the most functional power mobility for his/her needs, such as powered wheelchairs and power assist wheels.
    • Recreation – We find ways for your child to play using low-tech and high-tech means, such as using computer software and switch activated toys.
    • Seating and Positioning – We evaluate your child and improve seating and positioning for greater comfort and functional access.
    • Switch Access Assessment – We determine the best location/body part to use and type of switch that will allow your child access to a range of devices.
  • Training
    • Communication Training – To identify the communication device that best suits your child, we have you come for trial and training sessions. During the training sessions, your child will try out different communication devices. This allows the team – you, your child, and our specially trained staff – to decide what system will best help your child to communicate.
    • Power Mobility Training – We have a training program to determine if your child can safely and independently use power mobility, such as power wheelchairs. During the sessions, your child can practice using a demo power chair or a device called a “turtle trainer.” These devices will allow your child to operate a power wheelchair using various body parts to determine if your child can safely use a power wheelchair and if so, how it should be set up.
  • Collaboration – We will work with your child’s treatment team and/or school team to make sure technologies and equipment carry over to all of your child’s environments.
  • Follow-up Services – We provide follow-up support services and help with funding and getting the right technology. Our clinics offers one-stop support to make sure the device or technology chosen continues to meet your child’s needs.
  • Child and Family Training – We train your child, you and your family to use, program and maintain all equipment.

Benefits of Assistive Technology and Power Mobility

Having the right assistive technology can:

  • Help your child with daily tasks
  • Increase independence and confidence
  • Improve your child’s quality of life

Location and Contact

We offer assistive technology and power mobility services at:

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