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Equipment Clinic

About Our Equipment Clinic

Our staff at the Equipment Clinic work to increase your child’s independence through the evaluation and use of durable medical equipment (like wheelchairs) and orthotics (an artificial support or brace). Clinic staff evaluate your child's needs and bring together a team of health care professionals with state-of-the-art equipment vendors to offer one-stop support and services suited to your child.

We also work closely with assistive technology and mobility staff to make sure your child gets the right type of mobility devices and technology to best fit the needs of your family.

Services We Provide

We evaluate your child’s needs and bring together a team of health care professionals to provide equipment support and services, including:

  • Seating and Positioning Assessment — Evaluate your child’s seating system and adjust it, if needed, for better comfort, alignment, and function.
  • Wheelchair Evaluation and Fitting — assess the need for a manual or power wheelchair. We also consider your home and car to make sure a wheelchair will fit, explain how to transport it, and measure to determine specifications.
  • Additional Medical Equipment Support — Assess and measure for equipment such as adapted strollers, alternative seating systems for home and school, bath and shower chairs, canes, crutches, gait trainers, lifts, standers, walkers, beds, and more.
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics — Evaluate, cast and fit for orthotics, prosthetics or artificial supports to improve balance, gait and alignment.
  • Family Training — We educate and train your child and the entire family to safely use, maintain, and set up and break down each piece of equipment.

Location and Contact

We offer the Equipment Clinic at:

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