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Respiratory Therapy

About Respiratory Therapy

At The HSC Pediatric Center, our respiratory staff care for children with a range of lung and breathing problems. Our care is designed to help your child live life to the fullest and restore or maintain breathing.

Our respiratory therapists work under the direction of our medical director to treat all types of lung and breathing problems. Care may include giving oxygen, managing breathing equipment, giving medications to the lungs, measuring how well the lungs are working, and more. We work as a team to choose the approach that best meets the needs of your child.

Our trained specialists also teach you how to use the equipment and learn to care for your child when he or she returns home.

Services We Offer

General care

  • General care
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Medicated aerosol therapy
  • Airway clearance techniques
  • Hyperinflation therapies
  • Bilevel positive airway pressure

Critical care

  • Airway management
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Noninvasive respiratory gas monitoring
  • Specialty gas delivery
  • Blood gas sampling and analysis
  • CPR

Location and Contact

This is a program for children who are already patients at The HSC Pediatric Center. To learn more about this inpatient program, call our admission office at 202-635-6115 or visit our how to get services page.