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The HSC Foundation

At The HSC Foundation, we work to improve access to services for people who face social and health care barriers due to disability, chronic illness or other unique circumstances. We carry out our work through two major roles: supporting a continuum of health care for people with disabilities through our subsidiary organizations and supporting youth with disabilities as they become adults.

Together, we work with partners to build efforts and initiatives that address an identified gap in disability information or services and that add value to our existing programs. The Foundation also works to bring additional support to initiatives by serving as funding partners on projects that have local impact and national relevance.

Supporting a Continuum of Care

The HSC Foundation is a parent organization that supports different levels and stages of care for people with disabilities through three subsidiary organizations. Each of these organizations offer a range of services and programs that serve people with unique care challenges in the surrounding Washington, DC area:

Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc., a care coordination plan for children and young adults who have unique health care needs.


The HSC Pediatric Center, a specialty hospital and therapy center for children and young adults with complex medical needs.


HSC Home Care, LLC, a home health agency that provides care to people in the comfort of their home.


Supporting Youth In Their Transition to Adulthood

Few coordinated services are available to assist young people with disabilities in their transitions from school to work, home to independent living, and child and family-focused care to adult-oriented care.

As they become adults, many youth are no longer entitled to the programs they once relied on. And adult services often don’t kick in until a person is 22 years of age, creating a large gap in services for young adults who need them. Young people with disabilities at this phase of their life are almost twice as likely to be unemployed1 and live in poverty.2

The HSC Foundation works to bridge this gap and help young people successfully transition to adulthood and reach their highest level of independence.

The Foundation's approach to transition is comprehensive and encompasses health, education, training, youth development, employment, and social components. The Foundation works with a dynamic network of partners from across the country who bring unique expertise and strength that—together—maximizes the potential reward for the children, youth, families and communities we all serve.

We achieve our efforts through four major programs:

National Youth Transitions Center and its Youth Transitions Collaborative are a central resource to assist young people with disabilities and chronic illness as they move from school to adulthood and the world of work.

Life Enrichment Awards Program, or LEAP, which provides transition resources and services to youth and young adults with disabilities in the Washington, DC area through a network of community partners.


Advocates in Disability Awards, a national program of The HSC Foundation and the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation, recognizes young adults with disabilities ages 14 to 26 who are positively affecting the lives of people with disabilities and their families.


Youth Transitions Fellowship provides a young adult with a disability the opportunity to gain professional experience with programs serving people with disabilities through a 12-month paid fellowship in Washington, DC.

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2 U.S. Census Bureau. Americans With Disabilities: 2010